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Our Story

Welcome to our website. We are a food manufacturer of onigiri and lunch box to the convenience store and supermarket in northern part of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh. We are very happy if you have eaten our products or seen our brand logo before.

Our business started from year 2015, originally started as Japanese Restaurant. For several years we ran a Japanese restaurant at Kim Ma and started to make rice balls as a side business. 

When we started selling rice balls, there was no shops selling rice balls in Hanoi. At first, rice balls did not sell well, but gradually more people came to know about rice balls, more and more Vietnamese customers bought and ate our products. 

Now our main business shifted to food manufacturing business, then our restaurant closed in order to focus on our business. Near in the future, we will open our new restaurant then we would like to serve the Japanese food as like before. 

We will continue to grow our business and move forward, move towards our goal.

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Our Goal

Our Company Name “Four Leaf” is named from “happy four leaves”.
We will bring the happiness to each leaves. That is our Goal.

1st Leaf  Customer :
Listen to customer carefully. 4 leaf can not exit without customer.
2nd Leaf Supplier :
Supplier is our partner. With their support, we can provide the product and service to the customer.
3rd Leaf Employee:
Company is Employee. We make the better working-environment.
4th Leaf Children :
Children is the future of this country. We do the action for children’s smile

Our team

Trần Thị Bạch
Phạm Thanh Hải
Bùi Thị Ân
Lê Vinh Dũng
Nguyễn Thị Thanh